Norberto Portillo is the Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Ode Brewing, a locally-owned and operated, fully functioning brewery/restaurant in west El Paso.

Born and raised near Anthony, Texas, his interest in the culinary arts has taken him from his studies at The Scottsdale Culinary Institute, to working his way through esteemed restaurant kitchens such as Park Kitchen and Simpatica of Portland, Oregon. With the knowledge and experience he acquired, he returned to impact, enhance, and evolve the local food industry by teaching aspiring chefs at El Paso Community College where he continues to share his passion for cooking.

He was involved in developing the concept for Ripe Eatery, a fresh and modern kitchen that helped transform El Paso’s outlook on dining. Chef Portillo followed that journey by opening Tabla, with its upscale, yet casual ambience and European flare, where he still stands as the sole Owner and Executive Chef.

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