Pablo Rivero

A great kitchen, according to Executive Chef Pablo Rivero, contains three elements: a good team, the best ingredients, and the right equipment. When he was brought on to help revamp the company’s first acquisition, Great American Steakhouse, he made sure all three were present. He and Corporate Chef Edgar Orozco maintain this standard by traveling regularly to industry shows across the country, researching emerging trends and resources.

The demands of the job suit him just fine. Pablo gained his foundation in gastronomy on the move, learning to cook in the great restaurants and hotels of Italy, France, Great Britain and Vancouver over the course of ten years. As he mastered skills and set his sights on new ones, he changed kitchens, cities, and countries--whatever his appetite required. 

Pablo’s expansive repertoire played a key role in the development of Ardeo and Muzza, Great American Hospitality’s first foray into proprietary concepts, and he looks forward to developing new projects. With ambitious co-collaborators committed to quality and constant improvement, Pablo finds it is an excellent fit.