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Although his love for the kitchen began as a child, it wasn’t until 2004 that Oscar’s career in the culinary world began when he and his brothers ventured to become restaurateurs through the Maria Chuchena project.  Oscar soon found his calling and in a very organic manner, stepping into a leadership role heading the kitchen.

Oscar considers himself an empirical chef.  Though he began with formal culinary training, he soon realized he could best contribute by preparing himself in unconventional ways.  He traveled, attended workshops, registered for specialized courses & trainings, and earned certifications focused on  Mexican history and cuisine.

Oscar is now Patron Chef of Flor de Nogal,  a small  Juarez restaurant situated within an intimate hacienda setting, with no more than a 45-patron capacity.  He is also a founding partner of Cook Instituto Culinario - a culinary school that offers two trade degree programs and an associate degree program, backed by accrediting agency SEP.  Currently, Oscar is preparing to open TAFT DÍAZ,  a restaurant that will be located inside downtown El Paso's  first boutique hotel.

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In 2017, Chef Oscar Herrera received a personal invitation from Progress 321 to brainstorm ways to promote our region. Without hesitation he accepted and embarked in spearheading alongside Progress 321 the first annual 1R1T dinner in the heart of El Paso.

This event perfectly aligns to his personal affirmation that the culinary scene can be a promoter and a game changer for our region. Although he will not be featuring a course this year, he continues to be an integral part of this one of a kind event.